Big Brother Expands, As Google Enters The New World (Order).

A couple of moves that are seemingly under the radar, that could have significant affect on the common citizen. A more efficient, “smarter” Patriot Act perhaps? Time will tell, but this does bear watching. As our friendly little Google turns into a data seeking, monitoring Beast….dramatic right? lol

Nasa and Google explore space from earth.

Google Planning Offshore Data Barges « Data Center Knowledge.


Nas and Kelis: The Thrill Is Gone… Daily News – : Kelis Files For Divorce From Nas.

Unfortunate news as Rapper Nas and Wife R&B Artist Kelis file for divorce. I thought this one might last a bit, the polarity was there, just a hint of craziness. But in the end, another “Industry” relationship goes down the toilet.


As You Never Heard Him, The God Rakim.

Features : Rakim: The Lost Interview.

One of the reasons I even thought about rhyming, was Rakim. One of the reasons I started studying, was Rakim.  So when I saw this I had to post it. Peace To All The Gods.

The Hadron Collider And Black Holes

Now I’m no Nuclear Physicist, Astro-Physycist, there are no shiny letters after my name.  All I can do is study to the best of ability, and strive for understanding.  There’s no angle, or way I can wrap my head around this one.  I can only ask why? And can imagine what the answer would be. We come no where close to understanding all the secrets of our EARTH, yet they are dealing with a UNIVERSALLY destructive force.  I got clips here of a machine already built in Europe, and online. All comments welcome, let’s discuss.

Vice President Joe Biden Issues Grim Warning!!!

Biden: Avoid ‘confined spaces,’ planes, subways – Swine flu-

This confuses me.  Obama goes on T.V. saying that the current outbreak is a cause for alarm, but not an emergency.  However, the Vice President goes on T.V. yesterday saying that he advised HIS family to stay away from confined areas, etc.  Somebody is not telling the TRUTH!!

Shorties On That Twerk!!!

YouTube – MostWanted – Twerk It.

This what I’m talking about!! Lol.  Shorties moving real nice, provacative. Let me see that one more time!!!!

Ex-Manager For Hip Hop Group Clipse “Caught Up” Daily News – : BREAKING NEWS: Former Clipse Manager Indicted For $10 Mil Drug Ring.

I see this, and thinking wow!  That’s what they rapped about, all the time.  They NICE, no question. But did anybody learn from Slick Rick and them???? They was getting it to my question would be in the present,  what’s the life expectancy of a drug ring?  Considering Technology, Snitches, Forensics, etc.