Max B’s Ex Might’ve Thrown Him Under The Bus.


Charly Wingate’s A.K.A. Max B trial has took a turn for the worse, as his Ex-Shorty Gina Conway (stripper) spilled the beans. Stating the motive (jealousy), the means, and the players involved including herself. If I ain’t know better, I’d say she just blew up the case. Daily News – : Max B’s Ex-Girlfriend Testifies at Murder Trial.



  1. How a nigga gone send you to go ruin your life..while he back in the cutt..being wavy..aint no way in hell you gon send me & your goon(step brother) off to pull a kick door(rob) are you kidding me, thats so not wavy…I would a told that nigga fuck you,nigga…max or no max..I woulda been at the crib cooling it..& any nigga in there right mind would a kept there girl outta it, rather she did the settin up or not…so, thats how you know she couldnt have been his main girl, no nigga would do that to they main girl.. they all was slipping& done slipped there last slip…I love Max 2 def..but that shit was so not Wavy

  2. Free my baby max!!!!owwwww!!!!

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