Ivy League Secret Societies


The Ivy League Secret Societies

The Ivy League Secret Societies



This is a post that many would consider “controversial”, although as a Truth Seeker the word “controversial” doesn’t exist, and can’t exist. Experience and Time has led us to a trail of FACTS, the Ivy League mostly Yale and Harvard Universities do indeed have an Occult/Pagan-like society known as “Skull And Bones”.  The “Skull And Bones” whose doctrine and practices are shrouded in secrecy, have members that range from Presidents and Senators to Captains of Industry. How is it that this is allowed?  If you or I were running for office, or were able to become a tycoon and belonged to some secret organization and would not discuss it’s beliefs, views etc..  In fact be stand-offish at that, they would brand you a “Hate” group, or a “Terrorist” operation. Think about it….check it.

Yale Secret Societies

Ivy League Secret Societies and the World.Grooming and Ivy League Secret Societies.


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