Scientology: The Celebrity’s Choice

This post is about a phenomenon sweeping through Hollywood known as Scientology. A “religion” founded by L. Ron Hubbard (Dianetics) in the early 70’s, as I looked I saw that there were strange situations and incidents surrounding this faith since it’s inception. Here, I have two videos emphasizing these strange incidents, also two articles one showing you what they want you to see, and another showing the foul play. Accusations stem from brain washing, torture, robbery, and Murder. Even it’s founder the above mentioned L. Ron Hubbard had to live out his days a fugitive, in hiding. Fast forward to the present, and this “religion” has gotten a second wind, finding a home in Hollywood. And all these weirdo actors and actresses come flocking, which makes me wonder is this truly a “religion” or another sinister ploy to aggregate wealth and power in yet another secret society cult.

What You Didn’t Know About Scientology | Mark Owen.

Church of Scientology Religion and Philosophy: Official Web Site For the Churches of Scientology.



  1. Good post. The development of Hubbard’s dianetics, a very europeanized mentally-focused self help system into scientology really is its appropriation as a masonic group of the Hollywood media. The forum of movies was and still is one of the most selective fields where they have free reign to manipulate us with ideas and images for their own domination. Within Hubbard’s life there is also the cliche of the gifted and experienced European world traveler as he was studying ancient civilizations, exploring the world and then “suddenly” configuring the keys to mental health and success. They never mention that it most likely was the “discoveries” in these remote areas that directly provoked his “original” insights.
    Peace 7, Sunez Allah

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  3. Nice info, useful for me… thanks very much… 🙂

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