The Mayan Prophecy: Good Or Bad??

Mayan_bigWhat’s good everybody?  This post is dealing with the Mayan Calendar, there is new found speculation of it’s once cryptic prophecy. The Mayans were a Native American tribe which dwelled in the Yucatan Peninsula in Central America about 1,ooo years ago, this tribe in particular was very skilled at charting the stars, so good in fact they knew from then where the stars were going to be tonight!!!! Being great keepers of time that they were, they devised a calendar an intricate, complex calendar.  Perhaps the most accurate known to man, questions I would have are. How did they manage this without electricity, technology? And was this knowledge the cause of their dissappearance? I’m going off track here. The Mayans, according to this calendar had a prophecy about the up coming date of December 21, 2012, some say it’s the day of the Apocalypse, others say it’s the dawn of a new conciousness.  The common theme would be that there is indeed a change going to occur. Here is some more information on this matter, I’ll let you decide…..

The Mayan Calendar | Calendars.


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