FDA Votes To Eliminate Vicodin, Percocet.


So-called government “experts”, now say that prescription drugs like Vicodin and Percocet should be eliminated for their apparent roles in overdoses.  Wow! How long have these drugs been out? They are just figuring this out? So the FDA panel voted 20-17 that prescription drugs that combine acetaminophen with other painkillers should be done away with. The panel had originally gathered to vote on ways to reduce liver damage due to acetaminophen, which according to their data indicates 60% of acetaminophen-related deaths are related to prescription products. Although some are opposed, citing making a shift without an understanding of the implications of “Pain Management”. In the end they’ll probably just lower the dosage, like they’re trying to do with “Big Tobacco”. They are playing with people’s health, there is no profit in cures…WAKE UP!!  The product has been on the market for 50 years…why now???

FDA panel votes to eliminate Vicodin, Percocet – More health news- msnbc.com.



  1. I am sick and tired of the government interfering in our private lives. They can’t control illegal drugs, guns, etc. They tried to control liquor and look what happened.This Country was founded by a revolution because of government interference. It could happen again. If so – sign me up. This damn country can’t even WIN a war since 1945.
    They can’t control the morality of it’s own members, stop the unemployment, school our children properly. treat it’s citizens equally. SCREW THEM – WHO NEEDS THEM

    • Dude it is not “this country” it is US.
      We the People have become disenfranchised, by Corporated owned, bought, and lobbied governmental representatives. The democracy experiment of 1776 has failed due to immortal Corporate owned government. What is worse humans that own stock are unable to comprehend the full impacts of allowing corporate immortality. Social Ethics and Corporate never exist together. As for civil action? Police departments now practice using fully automatic machine guns aimed at quelling public disturbances. China now needs medical help from laughing so hard at US.

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