E-cigarettes Just As Bad, Says FDA


Federal health officials say they have found cancer-causing ingredients in electronic cigarettes. The FDA said testing of the products from two leading electronic cigarette makers turned up several toxic chemicals including a key ingredient in anti-freeze. Public health advocates have a legitimate problem with the way the products are marketed to young people. Because electronic cigarettes are not under federal tobacco laws, they’re easier for young people to buy. Electronic cigarettes produce a nicotine mist absorbed directly into the lungs.

E-cigarettes contain toxic chemicals, FDA says – Addictions- msnbc.com.



  1. The e-cigs do, obviously, contain nicotine but they DON’T contain the other 4k ingredients that traditional cigs contain…including the ones specifically added to make the cigarette even MORE addictive than nicotine already is.

    The e-cigarette is a great alternative because it allows smokers to have the “experience” of smoking a cigarette, but with less nicotine, no tar, and none of the smell and icky butts left over. Some people are using them to quit smoking but even if someone has no intention on quitting, it’s a much better alternative.

  2. There is no way that an ecigarette is as bad as a tobacco product. This is just a ploy set off by big tobacco to discredit the product. There not “healthy”, but there not nearly as bad as regular cigarettes. I guess only time will tell.

  3. i am very dissatisfied.. health E Cigar is waste of money. Purchased and replaced 2 times.. no smoke at all.. truly speaking. can’t quit smoking with your e cigar.. i don’t know about other brand. But health E Cigarette is waste of money. Please stop cheating public..

  4. Is there any other E cigarette which gives good smoke and satisfy like a cigarette. if any please mention the name.. i am ready to pay anything to quit smoking

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