Microsoft & Yahoo Join Forces To Compete With Google.


Reports out in the world say that Microsoft and Yahoo have joined into an Internet search partnership, finally setting the stage for the rivals to make an all-out assault against the dominance of Google Inc. The 10 year deal gives Microsoft access to the Internet’s second largest search engine audience. In addition the deal will also allow Microsoft to introduce it’s recently upgraded search engine, called Bing. Taking over the search responsibilities Yahoo’s highly trafficked site gives Microsoft a better chance to convert Web surfers. In return for handing over the keys to its search engine, Yahoo will get to keep 88% of the revenue from all search ad sales for the first five years of the deal. Wow! Almost a monopoly.

Microsoft, Yahoo announce search deal – U.S. business-


Massive Earthquake Moves New Zealand.


A massive 7.8 magnitude earthquake last week has moved the south of New Zealand closer to Australia.  With the countries separated 1,400 miles, the 12 inch closing of the gap won’t make much of a difference. Aerial inspection near the quake’s epicenter showed few land slips or other signs of damage. Scientists are still surprised that an earthquake of that magnitude caused so little damage.

Massive quake moves NZealand closer to Australia – Yahoo! News.

CIA’s Methods Breeds Enemies!


As questions of CIA concealment emerge, as always new findings are brought to light often confirming our worst ideas. In this case interrogation methods. Now we are all told about “Waterboarding”, but what if I told you they wanted to put detainees in cells filled with cadavers?  Or send jolts of electricity to their teeth? These, and much more were suggested and it’s unknown whether any were implemented. But if this is the message the enemy is getting, then I see things getting worse. Only in America are we taught to embrace our brutalizer, these are proud people who still know their history. And they are ready to fight.

CIA’s interrogation methods caused dissent – Washington Post-

Meth Lab House Horrors Linger!


This is definitely a buyer beware post, in this case potential home owners. It seems that houses that were previously used as laboratories in making Methamphetamine have lingering toxic affects to the new owners. With meth lab seizures on the rise, cases are piling up, drawing attention to the problem of meth contamination which can permeate drywall, insulation, carpets and air ducts causing respiratory ailments and other health problems. Also causing financial problems as it takes thousands of dollars to clean up the toxins and medical bills.

NYT: Meth lab homes harm new owners – The New York Times-

The History Of Independence Day


This post is for the great “4th Of July, 1776”, a date that will live on history. A historical date in which some might see the birth of progression, and others see the birth of a monster. I love this country, some get confused because I pull out the dirty laundry. But I do this to make it BETTER, just like tough love from parent to child. I’m not one to stop a party, but to my understanding America never really gained independence from England! If we did, would we need to keep paying reparations to England? Why is it in 1812, British soldiers burned down every government building in the U.S.? And why is it hidden in the Constitution, that no persons or families can ever hold a noble title? Again, I would die for this country, but we have to acknowledge our mistakes or be doomed to repeat them. Let’s not live a lie.

The Meaning of Independence Day.

Food Killing Us Softly!!


This story bears close watching, this is a problem no one is safe from. Children being affected, the Elderly dropping like flies, and diseases running rampant. What is the common theme in all of this? The food.  Corporations have a strangle hold on the food we consume, pumped with chemicals and pesticides, they even have patents on synthetic seeds!!!!  Imagine that you cannot grow your own food, if you do you can be jailed or fined for copyright violations!  Shit is getting ridiculous, from what I’m hearing there is yet another “Senate Bill” that would put restrictions on you being able to feed yourself. It’s called HR 875 The Food Safety Modernization Act. Not to mention the blatant lies on the “Organic Food” labels, like they’re poisoning us on purpose. Take a look around, we live in “The Land Of The Free” yet every year there’s more and more rights being taken away. But as long as he’s smiling on T.V., chatting it’s all good.  Like a mugger in a three piece suit.

‘Organic’ label’s integrity under fire – Washington Post-