The Alien Super Spore

By Yusef Lateef, and MacMotion For Crown Imperial Music, True Vibes TV. Starring Infinite, Young Clue, and Live!
Infinite finds a jar of what looks like a treat, but gets way more than what he bargained for!
Shot on location in Flushing, Queens, New york, on a Canon Powershot G9 in SD!


Drug Compound Kills Breast Cancer Stem Cells.


U.S. researchers have discovered a compound that can kill breast cancer stem cells, a master cell that resists conventional treatment and may explain why many cancers grow back.  The discovery came using a new method of screening for drugs that specifically target and kill cancer stem cells.  The problem is that cancer stem cells are rare and difficult to study in labs because they quickly change in to other types of cells. And they are hard to kill.

Drug compound kills breast cancer stem cells – Cancer-

Antidepressant Use Rising To The Top.


In a revealing report, it’s said that the use of antidepressant drugs in the United States doubled from 1996 and 2005.  About 6% of people were prescribed in 1996- 13 million people, to 10% or 27 million people in 2005. More than 164 million prescriptions were written in 2008 for antidepressants, totaling $9.6 billion. The survey did not look at why, but it may be more socially acceptable to be diagnosed with and treated for depression. The availability of new drugs may also be a factor. But what’s the deal? Researchers say that antidepressants do little help, but they are marketed, dam near shoved down our throats..why? Who benefits from medicated masses?

Antidepressant use doubles in U.S., study finds – Mental health-

E-cigarettes Just As Bad, Says FDA


Federal health officials say they have found cancer-causing ingredients in electronic cigarettes. The FDA said testing of the products from two leading electronic cigarette makers turned up several toxic chemicals including a key ingredient in anti-freeze. Public health advocates have a legitimate problem with the way the products are marketed to young people. Because electronic cigarettes are not under federal tobacco laws, they’re easier for young people to buy. Electronic cigarettes produce a nicotine mist absorbed directly into the lungs.

E-cigarettes contain toxic chemicals, FDA says – Addictions-

Massive Earthquake Moves New Zealand.


A massive 7.8 magnitude earthquake last week has moved the south of New Zealand closer to Australia.  With the countries separated 1,400 miles, the 12 inch closing of the gap won’t make much of a difference. Aerial inspection near the quake’s epicenter showed few land slips or other signs of damage. Scientists are still surprised that an earthquake of that magnitude caused so little damage.

Massive quake moves NZealand closer to Australia – Yahoo! News.

FDA Votes To Eliminate Vicodin, Percocet.


So-called government “experts”, now say that prescription drugs like Vicodin and Percocet should be eliminated for their apparent roles in overdoses.  Wow! How long have these drugs been out? They are just figuring this out? So the FDA panel voted 20-17 that prescription drugs that combine acetaminophen with other painkillers should be done away with. The panel had originally gathered to vote on ways to reduce liver damage due to acetaminophen, which according to their data indicates 60% of acetaminophen-related deaths are related to prescription products. Although some are opposed, citing making a shift without an understanding of the implications of “Pain Management”. In the end they’ll probably just lower the dosage, like they’re trying to do with “Big Tobacco”. They are playing with people’s health, there is no profit in cures…WAKE UP!!  The product has been on the market for 50 years…why now???

FDA panel votes to eliminate Vicodin, Percocet – More health news-

Scientists Isolate So-Called “Warrior Gene”. You Know What’s Next!


Check it. Scientists claim they have located and isolated the so-called “Warrior Gene”, a gene considered to make you more aggressive, and more likely to use weapons. This is scary ya’ll, it may seem like nothing but the first steps in all the big man made disasters start off seeming like nothing. There are too many scientific advancements, and too many people who don’t know how to put it to good use. Genetic manipulation, Cloning, and Military Science can all fall under this, in prisons they used to pass out these drinks to pacify the inmates sexual urges.  If they have truly isolated this gene, they can pacify the masses,  do anything without opposition. Wake Up.

Boys with ‘warrior gene’ likely to join gangs – Kids and parenting-

“Warrior Gene” Predicts Aggressive Behavior After Provocation | Brown University Media Relations.