Fallen Starbury!!


After being praised and raised throughout his young adult life, Stephon Marbury’s career has taken a desolate downturn. The pride of Coney Island has been reduced to Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan status in this very feminine breakdown/cry for help. I can’t feel sorry for him. You guys be the judge, peace.

Stephon Marbury streaming webcast is a sad show – ESPN.


Football Player Quinn Ojinnaka Arrested After Facebook Fight.


It seems Facebook is getting more and more brothers in trouble.  All we trying to do is connect with some friends from the past, high school homies etc. But our ladies don’t see it that way, they say “Oh, you wanna see your high school sweetheart, or trying to get with bitches…lmao”  So fellas, you gonna have to be discreet like everything else. My man Quinn Ojinnaka, football player for the Atlanta Falcons got into a domestic dispute with his lady over Facebook. The argument escalated and he ended up kicking her down some stairs, fellas, fellas, control yourselves.

Atlanta Falcons player Quinn Ojinnaka free on bond after Facebook fight – ESPN.

Michael Vick Released From Prison!!

Michael Vick gets Out Of Jail

Michael Vick gets Out Of Jail

Michael Vick, former quarterback of the Atlanta Falcons is set to be released from jail today May 20, 2009. Freeway Ricky Ross and Mike Vick coming home the same month…wow!! He is still interested in playing for the N.F.L., which will probably result after a meeting or two with the commissioner.

Reports: Michael Vick released from prison – ESPN.

Chuck Daly R.I.P. “Bad Boys”

Chuck Daly former coach of The Detroit Pistons and The “Dream Team” has passed. Rest In Peace. That was real basketball, not this bubble gum, crying all the time basketball.

Daly left mark on Pistons, Dream Team – NBA – ESPN.

Manny Ramirez Suspended 50-games!!!!

Dam, everybody is caught up. With all the steroid talk weeding out all the stars, we were left thinking Manny might be one of the “Clean” ones. WRONG!! He got caught, what it is is not being specified, but it was a drug violation serious enough to warrant 50 games. Peace.

Manny Ramirez of Los Angeles Dodgers will serve 50-game suspension for drug violation – ESPN.

Bulls Vs. Celtics Series ’09. For The Ages.

Bill Simmons: Chicago Bulls Boston Celtics Game 6 diary – ESPN.

If this is a glimpse of what’s to come, this might be the best playoffs the N.B.A. has ever seen. The stars are aligned as well, as the youth movement is stepping up challenging the “Vets”.  I can’t stand the Celtics, but they showed a heart of a champion just getting out of this one. No thanks to punk-ass Marbury.  We also saw the future in point guard Derrick Rose, whose game is a mix of old and new.  Chicago ya’ll did your thing, keep your head up. Like Pac!!

Floyd Mayweather Jr. Out Of Retirement!!!

Sources: Floyd Mayweather Jr. to fight again in July – ESPN.

The Pound for Pound best boxer in the game, can’t resist the call of The Ring any longer. As a fight is scheduled on July 18 versus Juan Manuel Marquez which should be a tough fight. For those who know Boxing.