Flying Ass Slaps Eminem!!


Your boy Eminem caught an unexpected, up close and personal encounter at the MTV Awards ceremony, as a high wire act goes wrong leaving Eminem with a man’s ass dead in his face.  No bullshitting, gotta see it to believe it!!!


Young Rapper “Dolla” Shot And Killed.

Up and coming rapper “Dolla” was shot and killed yesterday in a Los Angeles mall. An argument apparently started at the La Cienga Boulevard entrance, that resulted in the shooting. Signed to Akon’s Konvict Muzik imprint, he had an album set to be released shortly called “A Dolla And A Dream”. R.I.P. Daily News – : BREAKING NEWS: Rapper Dolla Shot and Killed In L.A..

Cassie’s Nude Pics As Well!!!!

CAUTION!! Pics are racy!!!! In a series of Public Relations gaffes, Cassie follows Rihanna’s lead and bears all. The universal remedy for fallen stars, is Nudity baby. Holla.

Me And You

Me And You





Max B On Trial, Life In Balance

Charly Wingate A.K.A. Max B’s murder trial began today in New Jersey. Accused of a robbery gone wrong, leaving a man dead. This happened about three years ago, so just getting in the rap game he out there “Keeping It Real” trying to rob people. Now he facing life in prison, I wish him luck. But we gotta start getting smarter man. Daily News – : Max B Murder Trial Begins, Rapper Faces Life Sentence.

Kelis, Up Next. Flashing Too????

If you’ve been following the blog, I posted this about a week and a half ago, Kelis and Nas divorcing. Now you know why. These females R&B singers are dropping they pants like it’s cool, when things get shaky they go back to basics. Birthday suits!!! Makes you wonder about Nas, don’t it??


Pimpin’ Curly All Day

50 Cents - Pimpen Curly Episodes

50 Cents - Pimpen Curly Episodes

50 is at it again, and this time he created the character “Pimpin’ Curly”. A Pimp out there doing him, Lol. Look no further, here it is as Infinite X provides……cataloged.

As You Never Heard Him, The God Rakim.

Features : Rakim: The Lost Interview.

One of the reasons I even thought about rhyming, was Rakim. One of the reasons I started studying, was Rakim.  So when I saw this I had to post it. Peace To All The Gods.

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