China In Quarantine For The Plague!


In China, an outbreak of pneumonic plague had caused authorities to lock down a town where about a dozen people are infected with the highly contagious disease. The World Health Organization has been in close contact with Chinese health officials and that measures taken so far to treat and quarantine are appropriate. Pneumonic Plague is spread through the air and can be passed from person to person through coughing. It is caused by the same bacteria that occurs in bubonic plague.

China seals off town amid plague outbreak – China-


Ethnic Clashes In China, Riots!!


In events eerily similar to the Tiananmen Square massacre in 1989, another protest in China is met with gunfire and death. I wonder if the U.S. is going to stick they nose in this (Iran). Why no consistency?  Police have sealed off parts of Urumqi, China after tensions between the ethnic Muslim Uighur and China’s Han majority turned into riots leaving 140 dead and another 828 injured. And there are reports of another protest in the city of Kashgar. Alot of unrest in the world.  Stay Tuned.

Ethnic clashes kill 140 in China’s west – China-

Food Killing Us Softly!!


This story bears close watching, this is a problem no one is safe from. Children being affected, the Elderly dropping like flies, and diseases running rampant. What is the common theme in all of this? The food.  Corporations have a strangle hold on the food we consume, pumped with chemicals and pesticides, they even have patents on synthetic seeds!!!!  Imagine that you cannot grow your own food, if you do you can be jailed or fined for copyright violations!  Shit is getting ridiculous, from what I’m hearing there is yet another “Senate Bill” that would put restrictions on you being able to feed yourself. It’s called HR 875 The Food Safety Modernization Act. Not to mention the blatant lies on the “Organic Food” labels, like they’re poisoning us on purpose. Take a look around, we live in “The Land Of The Free” yet every year there’s more and more rights being taken away. But as long as he’s smiling on T.V., chatting it’s all good.  Like a mugger in a three piece suit.

‘Organic’ label’s integrity under fire – Washington Post-

U.S. Taking Steps For N. Korea Sanctions


The U.S. along with the U.N. are proposing and imposing financial sanctions against North Korea for it’s apparent defiance in toning down it’s nuclear capability ambitions.

Paper: U.S. wants new N. Korea sanctions – North Korea-

Cocaine In The Air???

Air pollution is pretty much everywhere, but apparently in Spain it might be a little different. A new study determined the air in Madrid and Barcelona is laced with at least 5 drugs, mostly Cocaine!!! Check it…

Spanish study shows cocaine in the air – Europe-