Largest ID Theft Scheme, Man Charged.


Federal prosecutors charged a Miami man with the largest case of credit and debit card data theft ever in the United States, accusing the one-time government informant of stealing 130 million accounts on top of the 40 million he stole previously.  Albert Gonzalez, 28, broke his own record for identity theft by hacking into retail networks.  Gonzalez is a former informant for the U.S. Secret Service who helped the agency hunt hackers. The agency later found out that he had also been working with criminals and feeding them information on ongoing investigations. The new gangsta, cyber style.

Man charged in largest-ever ID theft scheme – Security-


Facebook Hacker Seeking Passwords.

Cyber hustlers getting on Facebook hacking it and posing as the victim. I myself am a Facebook member,and I don’t approach it like MySpace; Facebook is a little more personal, with re-connections to old classmates and estranged family members etc. People also get a lot of glimpses of who you are and what you’re doing, and you never know who’s watching hating or showing love. And any time you put personal info out there, there’s a big chance someone out there just might come across it. The “Internet Age”, gotta love it!!

Facebook phishing attack sought passwords – Security-