Controversial Journalist Sam Ferguson Shot Dead.


Police are investigating the reckless shooting death of Miami journalist Samuel Feruson, 47, who worked for Don Diva Magazine. Samuel Ferguson was shot to death on Friday (August 14) when unknown gunmen opened fire on his car. Ferguson, also went by the name of Samuel Silvasteen, crashed his car into a median and was pronounced dead at the scene. Police have no suspects in the shooting, but they seek a black car clear tail light lenses. Daily News – : Controversial Journalist Sam Ferguson Shot Dead.


Ethnic Clashes In China, Riots!!


In events eerily similar to the Tiananmen Square massacre in 1989, another protest in China is met with gunfire and death. I wonder if the U.S. is going to stick they nose in this (Iran). Why no consistency?  Police have sealed off parts of Urumqi, China after tensions between the ethnic Muslim Uighur and China’s Han majority turned into riots leaving 140 dead and another 828 injured. And there are reports of another protest in the city of Kashgar. Alot of unrest in the world.  Stay Tuned.

Ethnic clashes kill 140 in China’s west – China-

The History Of Memorial Day.

Memorial Day History.

These “Holidays” fascinate me. So I dig a bit, most of the time I find these origins wild, scary, or downright sick.  But this is just a recognition of the dead, a custom found in countless cultures. The fact that the United States, England etc. practice it, makes me skeptical anyway. Beware the Pagan practices as you will make your allegiances unwittingly.


N.Y.C. Asst. Principal Dies Of Swine Flu.

New York City’s first recorded swine flu death occurred this past weekend, but according to reports he suffered from other health ailments that contributed to his death. Mitchell Wiener, 55, Asst. Principal at I.S. 238 in Hollis, had taught at public schools for decades. Aside from him there were a reported 5 other deaths in the United States directly related to swine flu. Be Careful!!!

Assistant principal is 1st NYC swine flu death – Swine flu-

Man Facing Jail Time, For Body Parts Scheme.

A California man, Ernest Nelson was convicted yesterday for slicing up cadavers donated to UCLA’s medical school and selling the parts to medical research companies. A scheme in which he netted about $1.5 million dollars, prosecutors say that Nelson and Henry Reid, the former director of UCLA’s Willed Body Program hatched the plan. He (Nelson) could face up to 12 years in prison, and ordered to pay $1.5 million back to UCLA.

Man faces jail in $1.5 million body parts scheme – Crime & courts-

In a related story, this came up. Is this the new Black Market????

Chuck Daly R.I.P. “Bad Boys”

Chuck Daly former coach of The Detroit Pistons and The “Dream Team” has passed. Rest In Peace. That was real basketball, not this bubble gum, crying all the time basketball.

Daly left mark on Pistons, Dream Team – NBA – ESPN.