Drug Compound Kills Breast Cancer Stem Cells.


U.S. researchers have discovered a compound that can kill breast cancer stem cells, a master cell that resists conventional treatment and may explain why many cancers grow back.  The discovery came using a new method of screening for drugs that specifically target and kill cancer stem cells.  The problem is that cancer stem cells are rare and difficult to study in labs because they quickly change in to other types of cells. And they are hard to kill.

Drug compound kills breast cancer stem cells – Cancer- msnbc.com.


The FDA To Regulate The Tobacco Industry?


According to Capitol Hill, “Historic Anti-Smoking” legislation is in the final congressional passage in which President Barack Obama will soon sign off. This bill will give the F.D.A. (Food Drug Administration) for the first time ever regulatory control of “Big Tobacco”. Seems like the government is on a mission, to permeate every aspect of life.

Sweeping tobacco regulatory bill goes to Obama – Capitol Hill- msnbc.com.

Gov. Schwarzenegger: Wash. needs Weed debate

A politician who listens to his people? After a state wide Field Poll indicated that about 56 percent of California voters support the idea of legalizing marijuana for recreational use and taxing it’s proceeds. This proposal is thought to generate 1.3 billion in revenue for the state, and improve public safety by redirecting law enforcement to more serious crimes. Ok, this could be the start of something big. I’m sure they’ll ruin it somehow. Peace.

Schwarzenegger: Calif. needs pot debate – Life- msnbc.com.