Controversial Journalist Sam Ferguson Shot Dead.


Police are investigating the reckless shooting death of Miami journalist Samuel Feruson, 47, who worked for Don Diva Magazine. Samuel Ferguson was shot to death on Friday (August 14) when unknown gunmen opened fire on his car. Ferguson, also went by the name of Samuel Silvasteen, crashed his car into a median and was pronounced dead at the scene. Police have no suspects in the shooting, but they seek a black car clear tail light lenses. Daily News – : Controversial Journalist Sam Ferguson Shot Dead.


That’s A Booty!

A little eye candy for the fellas, booty shakin’!!!!

Tru Life/Murder Charge


In another tragic hip hop story, rapper Tru Life A.K.A. Roberto Guzman Rosado, Jr. has turned himself in to authorities in New York City for an alleged murder charge . The Hip Hop world should be under alert, you cats are dropping like Republicans. The murder charge is tied to an earlier stabbing that left an 18 year old male dead and another seriously injured. According to some police reports, they were initially looking at Tru Life’s brother in a non-fatal shooting. Daily News – : Tru Life Turns Himself In On Murder Charge.



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Flying Ass Slaps Eminem!!


Your boy Eminem caught an unexpected, up close and personal encounter at the MTV Awards ceremony, as a high wire act goes wrong leaving Eminem with a man’s ass dead in his face.  No bullshitting, gotta see it to believe it!!!

Gang Wars Have Become Racial In L.A.

This is a topic I’ve been wanting to touch on. The senseless war going on between the Mexicans and African-Americans has been ongoing for at least 5 years!!  The media hasn’t been on it, on the East Coast we don’t hear about it too much, but this is a major problem. Black and Brown going at each other like this DOES NOT benefit us as a whole, as a matter of fact the only ones benefiting is the original and only REAL enemy (figure it out). AIDS on one side, Swine Flu on the other, tampered food, Police brutality, Impending Martial Law, there are a lot of problems to look into without us destroying ourselves.  The Anglo-American, and European has showed us a model based on deception, greed, vanity and ignorance that we have adopted and ran with it. Unknowingly ingesting poison for the soul.

L.A. Gang Waged War To Eliminate Black People | NewsOne.

Max B’s Ex Might’ve Thrown Him Under The Bus.


Charly Wingate’s A.K.A. Max B trial has took a turn for the worse, as his Ex-Shorty Gina Conway (stripper) spilled the beans. Stating the motive (jealousy), the means, and the players involved including herself. If I ain’t know better, I’d say she just blew up the case. Daily News – : Max B’s Ex-Girlfriend Testifies at Murder Trial.