Aboriginal Dreamtime.


This post is on the Australian Aborigines, natives of the island continent. It has always amazed me how they have been able to survive in one of the harshest places on the planet. The word Aborigine, to my understanding has come up with some controversy lately. As explained to me to abhor is to hate, and original is original. So the word Aborigine could mean to hate the original, interesting considering who named them. Did you know that Australia started as a penal colony (Prison) for England? Did you know 8 out of the 10 most poisonous snakes in the world are found in Australia? Also about 5 out of the 10 most poisonous spiders, Salt-water crocodiles, Great White sharks, vast deserts and ultimately European invasion. Still against all this they have thrived with their culture intact. A people as old as time, their history never written only passed down orally. And just like the Mayans, have interesting concepts of time. The thing is, THEY (the Establishment) have us living in linear time, which is not natural and cannot be beneficial to us.

Australia – Aboriginal Dreamtime.


U.N. Tabs Bill Clinton As Savior To Haiti


The United Nations yesterday tabbed Bill Clinton, to be “Special Envoy” to the nation of Haiti. Strange considering he helped de-stabilize it in 1995, then the U.S., France and Canada helped oust Jean-Bertrand Aristide in 2004. Back on the subject, his appointment is meant to bring “World View” to the problems of the poorest nation in our hemisphere (Not By Accident). Did you know? Haiti was the first island in the Caribbean to fight for and attain it’s independence. Real recognize real. Peace.

U.N. names Bill Clinton as envoy to Haiti – Americas- msnbc.com.