Undoing The Segregation.


The riot that trashed a Southern California prison and injured 175 inmates began with a fight between black and Hispanic gang members, a reminder of the difficulty of race relations behind bars. In America’s largest state prison system black, Hispanic, Asian and white gangs generally don’t mix. Last fall, the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation began desegregating two prisons in the Sierra foothills. They are not yet fully integrated, and officials haven’t started on any other prisons. Also, powerful race-based gangs oppose integration and have threatened inmates who participate.

Calif. struggles to desegregate prisons – Race & ethnicity- msnbc.com.


Cocaine, Big In “The Heartland”.


It seems that while all eyes are on the border and overseas, drug rings and cartel associates are putting it down right in the middle of America. In places such as Watertown, Wisconsin Mexican drug gangs have moved in and set up shop, much to the shock of our Caucasian American brethren. It’s a story that echoes elsewhere, the U.S. Justice Dept. says more than 200 U.S. cities have seen cartel-related drug smuggling. Keep watch.

Giant cocaine business hid in plain sight – Crime & courts- msnbc.com.

The History Of Independence Day


This post is for the great “4th Of July, 1776”, a date that will live on history. A historical date in which some might see the birth of progression, and others see the birth of a monster. I love this country, some get confused because I pull out the dirty laundry. But I do this to make it BETTER, just like tough love from parent to child. I’m not one to stop a party, but to my understanding America never really gained independence from England! If we did, would we need to keep paying reparations to England? Why is it in 1812, British soldiers burned down every government building in the U.S.? And why is it hidden in the Constitution, that no persons or families can ever hold a noble title? Again, I would die for this country, but we have to acknowledge our mistakes or be doomed to repeat them. Let’s not live a lie.

The Meaning of Independence Day.

Mexico Fortifies Troops In Juarez.


The war continues in Mexico, as the government and the drug cartels clash in the streets of Juarez, Mexico.  A border town right next to El Paso, Texas. The Mexican government has sent an additional 2,000 troops to Juarez in an attempt to suppress the Cartels who are killing policeman and civilian alike. In this past March, the Mexican government had sent 5,000 troops to Juarez, calming the violence temporarily (and Swine Flu) bringing the total to 7,000 troops. Stay Tuned.

Mexico sends 1,500 extra soldiers to border city – Focus on Mexico- msnbc.com.

The Mayan Prophecy: Good Or Bad??

Mayan_bigWhat’s good everybody?  This post is dealing with the Mayan Calendar, there is new found speculation of it’s once cryptic prophecy. The Mayans were a Native American tribe which dwelled in the Yucatan Peninsula in Central America about 1,ooo years ago, this tribe in particular was very skilled at charting the stars, so good in fact they knew from then where the stars were going to be tonight!!!! Being great keepers of time that they were, they devised a calendar an intricate, complex calendar.  Perhaps the most accurate known to man, questions I would have are. How did they manage this without electricity, technology? And was this knowledge the cause of their dissappearance? I’m going off track here. The Mayans, according to this calendar had a prophecy about the up coming date of December 21, 2012, some say it’s the day of the Apocalypse, others say it’s the dawn of a new conciousness.  The common theme would be that there is indeed a change going to occur. Here is some more information on this matter, I’ll let you decide…..

The Mayan Calendar | Calendars.

7.1 Earthquake Rocks Honduras, Belize


A 7.1 earthquake rocked Honduras early this morning leaving one man dead for now, and thousands running to safety. The quake hit about 4:24 a.m. at a shallow depth of 6 miles, with multiple structures damaged hundreds of workers had to be evacuated, many are without power, clean water etc. Reports claim that power is out all the way to the Mexican border, because of the magnitude of the earthquake there are Tsunami warnings for three countries.

7.1 quake topples homes in Honduras, Belize – Americas- msnbc.com.

Gang Wars Have Become Racial In L.A.

This is a topic I’ve been wanting to touch on. The senseless war going on between the Mexicans and African-Americans has been ongoing for at least 5 years!!  The media hasn’t been on it, on the East Coast we don’t hear about it too much, but this is a major problem. Black and Brown going at each other like this DOES NOT benefit us as a whole, as a matter of fact the only ones benefiting is the original and only REAL enemy (figure it out). AIDS on one side, Swine Flu on the other, tampered food, Police brutality, Impending Martial Law, there are a lot of problems to look into without us destroying ourselves.  The Anglo-American, and European has showed us a model based on deception, greed, vanity and ignorance that we have adopted and ran with it. Unknowingly ingesting poison for the soul.

L.A. Gang Waged War To Eliminate Black People | NewsOne.

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