Undoing The Segregation.


The riot that trashed a Southern California prison and injured 175 inmates began with a fight between black and Hispanic gang members, a reminder of the difficulty of race relations behind bars. In America’s largest state prison system black, Hispanic, Asian and white gangs generally don’t mix. Last fall, the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation began desegregating two prisons in the Sierra foothills. They are not yet fully integrated, and officials haven’t started on any other prisons. Also, powerful race-based gangs oppose integration and have threatened inmates who participate.

Calif. struggles to desegregate prisons – Race & ethnicity- msnbc.com.


Ideals Clash In Nigeria.


In Maiduguri, Nigeria troops pounded the compound of an Islamic sect blamed for days of violence in northern Nigeria then attacked it’s mosque, killing at least 100 militants. An AP reporter watched soldiers shoot their way into the mosque and then raked those holed up inside. The reporter later counted 50 bodies inside the building and another 50 in the courtyard. Militants are reported to be seeking to impose Islamic Sharia law throughout the muti-religious country. Nigeria’s 140 million people are nearly evenly divided between Christians, who predominate in the south, and primarily northern-based Muslims.

Dozens killed as Nigeria mosque attacked – Africa – msnbc.com.

Haitian Boat Capsizes, Dozens Missing.


A sailboat carrying Haitian refugees looking for a better life capsized and sank off the Turks and Caicos Islands. A reported 200 passengers were aboard, and an estimated 85 are still missing. One survivor said the boat struck a reef as it tried to elude police, rescuers found 113 survivors on 2 reefs about 2 miles southwest of West Caicos Island.  Refugees routinely take to the seas in banged up, overcrowded boats in hopes of reaching the United States, the Bahamas, or the Turks and Caicos Islands to escape poverty in the Western Hemisphere’s poorest nation.

Dozens of migrants missing as boat sinks – Americas- msnbc.com.

Serbians Convicted Of Burning Muslims Alive.


A U.N. war crimes court convicted 2 Bosnian Serb cousins (Milan and Sredoje Lukic) for a 1992 killing spree. Apparently burning at least 119 Muslims after locking them in two houses, then shooting whoever tried to escape in the eastern Bosnian town of Visegrad. Milan Lukic was sentenced to life, while Sredoje Lukic was given 30 years. Judge Patrick Robinson, a veteran at the tribunal that has been prosecuting Balkan war crimes for 15 years sounded stunned by the Visegrad events.

Serbs convicted of burning Muslims alive – Balkans- msnbc.com.

Ethnic Clashes In China, Riots!!


In events eerily similar to the Tiananmen Square massacre in 1989, another protest in China is met with gunfire and death. I wonder if the U.S. is going to stick they nose in this (Iran). Why no consistency?  Police have sealed off parts of Urumqi, China after tensions between the ethnic Muslim Uighur and China’s Han majority turned into riots leaving 140 dead and another 828 injured. And there are reports of another protest in the city of Kashgar. Alot of unrest in the world.  Stay Tuned.

Ethnic clashes kill 140 in China’s west – China- msnbc.com.

The History Of Independence Day


This post is for the great “4th Of July, 1776”, a date that will live on history. A historical date in which some might see the birth of progression, and others see the birth of a monster. I love this country, some get confused because I pull out the dirty laundry. But I do this to make it BETTER, just like tough love from parent to child. I’m not one to stop a party, but to my understanding America never really gained independence from England! If we did, would we need to keep paying reparations to England? Why is it in 1812, British soldiers burned down every government building in the U.S.? And why is it hidden in the Constitution, that no persons or families can ever hold a noble title? Again, I would die for this country, but we have to acknowledge our mistakes or be doomed to repeat them. Let’s not live a lie.

The Meaning of Independence Day.

Cynthia McKinney And The Spirit Of Humanity, Detained By The Israelis


23 miles off the coast of Gaza, Israeli Occupation Forces rammed and boarded the Free Gaza Movement boat, the SPIRIT OF HUMANITY abducting 21 human rights workers from 11 different countries trying to bring food and medical supplies to the Palestinians. Among those being, Noble laureate Mairead Maguire, and former U.S. Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney who were forcibly dragged toward Israel. According to the International Committee of the Red Cross, Palestinians living in Gaza are “Trapped in Despair” . Despite a pledged 4.5 billion in aid, many are still without shelter as Israel refuses to allow cement and other building materials into the Gaza Strip. I’ll state it again, the free pass given to Israel has to be a slap in the face to many other countries, they are allowed to be reckless, possess weapons of mass destruction, conduct any war campaign but then run behind the U.S. when things get rough.  Another cowardly act, from the so-called “Chosen”.  Let’s see if Obama gets as assertive with them as he did with the Iranians.

Cynthia McKinney Detained (Again) by Israeli Defense Force; Israeli Protesters Brutally Beaten in West Bank | World | AlterNet.

OpEdNews » Cynthia McKinney and the Spirit of Humanity Crew are captured and detained by the Israel Navy.