More Tragedy In The Air For New Yorkers.


A small plane collided with a sightseeing helicopter over the Hudson River. Authorities believe all nine people aboard the two aircraft were killed.  A helicopter pilot refueling on the ground at the heliport for Liberty Tours saw the plane approaching and tried to radio an alert to the pilots. The warning wasn’t heard or didn’t happen in time. The collision happened just after noon and was seen by thousands of people. Three bodies from the crash had been recovered diving operations were suspended for the night.

Warning radioed before Hudson crash – Life-


Trill Entertainment CEO’s Charged With Attempted Murder.

Melvin Vernell Jr. and Marcus Roach are accused of attempted murder on rapper Bruce “Beelow” Moore on July 4, 2005 for allegedly bootlegging their music. The CEO’s were arrested and held without bond on May 8, 2009. On May 19, 2009 a judge set bail at $350,000 each and set strict restrictions on the men. There are other reports that Lil Boosie and others at Trill Entertainment are being investigated in relation to another murder of a Baton Rouge rapper Chris Lynell Jackson A.K.A. Nussie. Daily News – : Trill CEO’s Charged With Attempted Murder of Rapper.