Controversial Journalist Sam Ferguson Shot Dead.


Police are investigating the reckless shooting death of Miami journalist Samuel Feruson, 47, who worked for Don Diva Magazine. Samuel Ferguson was shot to death on Friday (August 14) when unknown gunmen opened fire on his car. Ferguson, also went by the name of Samuel Silvasteen, crashed his car into a median and was pronounced dead at the scene. Police have no suspects in the shooting, but they seek a black car clear tail light lenses. Daily News – : Controversial Journalist Sam Ferguson Shot Dead.


Flying Ass Slaps Eminem!!


Your boy Eminem caught an unexpected, up close and personal encounter at the MTV Awards ceremony, as a high wire act goes wrong leaving Eminem with a man’s ass dead in his face.  No bullshitting, gotta see it to believe it!!!

Max B On Trial, Life In Balance

Charly Wingate A.K.A. Max B’s murder trial began today in New Jersey. Accused of a robbery gone wrong, leaving a man dead. This happened about three years ago, so just getting in the rap game he out there “Keeping It Real” trying to rob people. Now he facing life in prison, I wish him luck. But we gotta start getting smarter man. Daily News – : Max B Murder Trial Begins, Rapper Faces Life Sentence.

Pimpin’ Curly All Day

50 Cents - Pimpen Curly Episodes

50 Cents - Pimpen Curly Episodes

50 is at it again, and this time he created the character “Pimpin’ Curly”. A Pimp out there doing him, Lol. Look no further, here it is as Infinite X provides……cataloged.

The Real Freeway Ricky Ross Drug King Pin/Guinea Pig Coming Home!!! Daily News – : Freeway Rick Ross To Be Released Monday (May 4).

Legendary Drug King Pin, Freeway Rick Ross is set to be released this week. Son was making about 2 Million a day!!! He was also instrumental in bringing to light the Government’s role in the drug trade. Now that he’s coming out, how long until the movie’s out????

Rick Ross Calling Eminem Out!! Daily News – : Rick Ross Challenges Eminem, Says He Defeated 50 Cent.

A new battle looms as Miami-based rapper Rick Ross calls out Eminem. But then says he would like to be part of Eminem’s new project “Relapse”. Sounds like Rick is hating, but he REALLY feeling them. Strange.