Flying Ass Slaps Eminem!!


Your boy Eminem caught an unexpected, up close and personal encounter at the MTV Awards ceremony, as a high wire act goes wrong leaving Eminem with a man’s ass dead in his face.  No bullshitting, gotta see it to believe it!!!


Pimpin’ Curly All Day

50 Cents - Pimpen Curly Episodes

50 Cents - Pimpen Curly Episodes

50 is at it again, and this time he created the character “Pimpin’ Curly”. A Pimp out there doing him, Lol. Look no further, here it is as Infinite X provides……cataloged.

Rick Ross Calling Eminem Out!! Daily News – : Rick Ross Challenges Eminem, Says He Defeated 50 Cent.

A new battle looms as Miami-based rapper Rick Ross calls out Eminem. But then says he would like to be part of Eminem’s new project “Relapse”. Sounds like Rick is hating, but he REALLY feeling them. Strange.