The Mayan Prophecy: Good Or Bad??

Mayan_bigWhat’s good everybody?  This post is dealing with the Mayan Calendar, there is new found speculation of it’s once cryptic prophecy. The Mayans were a Native American tribe which dwelled in the Yucatan Peninsula in Central America about 1,ooo years ago, this tribe in particular was very skilled at charting the stars, so good in fact they knew from then where the stars were going to be tonight!!!! Being great keepers of time that they were, they devised a calendar an intricate, complex calendar.  Perhaps the most accurate known to man, questions I would have are. How did they manage this without electricity, technology? And was this knowledge the cause of their dissappearance? I’m going off track here. The Mayans, according to this calendar had a prophecy about the up coming date of December 21, 2012, some say it’s the day of the Apocalypse, others say it’s the dawn of a new conciousness.  The common theme would be that there is indeed a change going to occur. Here is some more information on this matter, I’ll let you decide…..

The Mayan Calendar | Calendars.


Esoteric Agenda: The Movie


This a link to a provocative, controversial movie called “Esoteric Agenda”. A flick along the same path as I would hope our message is conveying. Truths and questions about faiths and doctrines we so readily eat up without reading the labels, certain origins we believed to be innocent in nature are not and so on.  Click the link, and enjoy.  By the way give yourself some time, because it’s kind of long.


Scientology: The Celebrity’s Choice

This post is about a phenomenon sweeping through Hollywood known as Scientology. A “religion” founded by L. Ron Hubbard (Dianetics) in the early 70’s, as I looked I saw that there were strange situations and incidents surrounding this faith since it’s inception. Here, I have two videos emphasizing these strange incidents, also two articles one showing you what they want you to see, and another showing the foul play. Accusations stem from brain washing, torture, robbery, and Murder. Even it’s founder the above mentioned L. Ron Hubbard had to live out his days a fugitive, in hiding. Fast forward to the present, and this “religion” has gotten a second wind, finding a home in Hollywood. And all these weirdo actors and actresses come flocking, which makes me wonder is this truly a “religion” or another sinister ploy to aggregate wealth and power in yet another secret society cult.

What You Didn’t Know About Scientology | Mark Owen.

Church of Scientology Religion and Philosophy: Official Web Site For the Churches of Scientology.

Dr. John Henrik Clarke: Relentless Wisdom


A Tribute to Dr. John Henrik Clarke

A Tribute to Dr. John Henrik Clarke



This installation is dedicated to Dr. John Henrik Clarke, a Pan-Africanist American writer, historian and pioneer in the creation of Africana studies in Academia in the late 60’s. A Professor of African World History he founded the Department of Black and Puerto Rican studies at Hunter College in 1969, and the list goes on. A serious brother, with a serious message. Hope you all enjoy what the Older God has to say. Peace!!

Ivy League Secret Societies


The Ivy League Secret Societies

The Ivy League Secret Societies



This is a post that many would consider “controversial”, although as a Truth Seeker the word “controversial” doesn’t exist, and can’t exist. Experience and Time has led us to a trail of FACTS, the Ivy League mostly Yale and Harvard Universities do indeed have an Occult/Pagan-like society known as “Skull And Bones”.  The “Skull And Bones” whose doctrine and practices are shrouded in secrecy, have members that range from Presidents and Senators to Captains of Industry. How is it that this is allowed?  If you or I were running for office, or were able to become a tycoon and belonged to some secret organization and would not discuss it’s beliefs, views etc..  In fact be stand-offish at that, they would brand you a “Hate” group, or a “Terrorist” operation. Think about it….check it.

Yale Secret Societies

Ivy League Secret Societies and the World.Grooming and Ivy League Secret Societies.

Group arrested in terrorist plot for NYC targets.

Four men, ex-convicts all under the Islamic faith have been arrested for allegedly plotting to blow up several New York City targets. According to reports the men were all attempting to acquire surface to air missles, explosives, etc. all under the watch of a Federal Informant. Wow!!

4 arrested in plot to bomb NYC targets – Security-

Malcolm X: The Rebel

Malcom X Day

Malcom X Day

This one here is for the All-American Rebel, Malcolm Little A.K.A. El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz. Born May 19, 1925, he went on to become a Human Rights Activist, African American Muslim minister and public speaker. After experiencing a tumultuous childhood, and a mischievous young adult life, he became a member of The Nation Of Islam in prison. In 1952 he became one of the Nation’s leaders and chief spokesman, for nearly 12 years he was the public face of the Nation Of Islam. He left the Nation in 1964, after tensions between he and Elijah Muhammad boiled over. He went on to become a Sunni Muslim and went on pilgrimage to Mecca, he was later assassinated during a speech in New York City. During his time he was a fierce orator, often making his opponent very flustered with his cool, calm logic. “Nuff Said. Peace!!