Largest ID Theft Scheme, Man Charged.


Federal prosecutors charged a Miami man with the largest case of credit and debit card data theft ever in the United States, accusing the one-time government informant of stealing 130 million accounts on top of the 40 million he stole previously.  Albert Gonzalez, 28, broke his own record for identity theft by hacking into retail networks.  Gonzalez is a former informant for the U.S. Secret Service who helped the agency hunt hackers. The agency later found out that he had also been working with criminals and feeding them information on ongoing investigations. The new gangsta, cyber style.

Man charged in largest-ever ID theft scheme – Security-


Controversial Journalist Sam Ferguson Shot Dead.


Police are investigating the reckless shooting death of Miami journalist Samuel Feruson, 47, who worked for Don Diva Magazine. Samuel Ferguson was shot to death on Friday (August 14) when unknown gunmen opened fire on his car. Ferguson, also went by the name of Samuel Silvasteen, crashed his car into a median and was pronounced dead at the scene. Police have no suspects in the shooting, but they seek a black car clear tail light lenses. Daily News – : Controversial Journalist Sam Ferguson Shot Dead.

Haitian Boat Capsizes, Dozens Missing.


A sailboat carrying Haitian refugees looking for a better life capsized and sank off the Turks and Caicos Islands. A reported 200 passengers were aboard, and an estimated 85 are still missing. One survivor said the boat struck a reef as it tried to elude police, rescuers found 113 survivors on 2 reefs about 2 miles southwest of West Caicos Island.  Refugees routinely take to the seas in banged up, overcrowded boats in hopes of reaching the United States, the Bahamas, or the Turks and Caicos Islands to escape poverty in the Western Hemisphere’s poorest nation.

Dozens of migrants missing as boat sinks – Americas-

U.N. Tabs Bill Clinton As Savior To Haiti


The United Nations yesterday tabbed Bill Clinton, to be “Special Envoy” to the nation of Haiti. Strange considering he helped de-stabilize it in 1995, then the U.S., France and Canada helped oust Jean-Bertrand Aristide in 2004. Back on the subject, his appointment is meant to bring “World View” to the problems of the poorest nation in our hemisphere (Not By Accident). Did you know? Haiti was the first island in the Caribbean to fight for and attain it’s independence. Real recognize real. Peace.

U.N. names Bill Clinton as envoy to Haiti – Americas-

Embargo Or Not, Cuba’s In Business

It seems despite the U.S. sanctioned embargo, Cuba and the U.S. has had many business dealings. Under an agriculture waiver carved out partly on humanitarian grounds, signed in 2000 by Bill Clinton. The waiver also allows for huge shipments of grain, chicken and other products to be delivered to Cuba. This particular story is based around Splash Tropical Drinks, a Fort Lauderdale company who has made good in selling daiquiri mix, various nuts, etc. to Cuba. Could be the start of something.

Despite embargo, daiquiris flow to Cuba – Focus on Cuba-

Sears Tower Plotters, Convicted


5 men were convicted yesterday for plotting with a supposed Al-Qaida agent to destroy the Sears Tower in Chicago. Known as “The Liberty City 6” and captured in June 2006 the Defense Attorney says the defendants were never serious, that they were only looking for money. Check the details. Peace.

5 convicted of Sears Tower attack plot – Terrorism-